5 Jawesome Things – March 1, 2012

Before the show

I’m starting a new weekly column here at Benefits of a Classical Education. It’s called 5 Jawesome Things. The idea isn’t new. It’s just going to be a list of five things I liked in the last week. So, without further ado, here are the 5 Jawesome Things for the week of 3/1/12.

1. The Word “Jawesome”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that many of you don’t know what the heck “Jawesome” means. It is, quite simply, a step beyond “awesome”. It comes from a little remembered cartoon from the mid-nineties called Street Sharks. Stop me if you’ve heard this idea before. There are four teenaged male animal-human hybrids that are XTREME and also like eating junk food. They fight crime and have specialized transportation. These Street Sharks are better than those dumb Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though, because they are sharks and therefore bite things. Anyways, listen to the intro song and see where the word “Jawesome” comes from.

2. Some Nights by Fun.

Fun. (yes, the period is part of the band name, shut up) is a band that a lot of people are going to hate. I describe their sound as a mix of Queen, Vampire Weekend, and Michael Jackson. If that combination doesn’t make you want to barf, I am happy you exist. Give Fun. a chance. Their particular brand of power pop is something you can’t help but love, unless you hate it.

3. Snow, finally

It’s the beginning of March and we’re finally having our third snow storm of the winter. And the first one happened in October. What the heck, nature? Earlier this week I was driving with my window rolled down because it was so warm out. IN FEBRUARY. Get it together, nature. Keep the seasons how they’re supposed to be. I want my winters to be bone chillingly cold and my springs to wait for spring.

4. SSX

There was a time when I didn’t think the SSX games would ever make a return to our systems. It seemed like their era had passed, nobody was interested in snowboarding games anymore. In the early 2000’s everybody was loving extreme sports and SSX Tricky took that concept and ran with it to create one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I played that game so very much. But with each iteration the interest in the franchise waned, and I almost forgot about it. Then SSX came out. As the title implies, it’s a return to everything that made the series so great. The tricks are silly, the courses are fantastical (and somehow more grounded in reality this time around, though not always. I’m looking at you, snowboarding inside a volcano level.), and the soundtrack has a dubstep remix of Run D.M.C.’s classic “It’s Tricky”. There’s nothing better. 

5. Star Trek: Deep Space 9

This one will probably show up again in future iterations of this column as I work my way through the series, but this time it’s all about Odo. Odo is, at the outset of the series, a complete unknown. He’s a shape shifter, which means he can transform into anything, like a rolling stone or a map for somebody with no direction home (here ends my sad attempt at humor, I apologize). He doesn’t know what he is or who his people are or where the come from. As the series moves along – I’m at the beginning of the fifth season now – he learns about his background and how his race influences the entire galaxy. It’s a pretty complex and interesting story for him to have and watching Rene Auberjonois navigate all the turns his character takes is fascinating. At the end of season 4 something shocking and amazing happens. I won’t spoil it for you, but you should know that it changes everything about his character (and, at the same time doesn’t at all) and makes him even more complex. This is great writing. This is among the best TV shows I have seen, even though it does often feature some of the silliest things I have seen. 

Please, leave a comment with your 5 Jawesome Things or tell me about something that I should check out for next week’s list.


4 thoughts on “5 Jawesome Things – March 1, 2012

    1. The song I posted is the first on the album. It’s hard not to make the comparison when you start off like that. The drum emphasis is the Vampire Weekend part and then the talky bit in the middle reminds me of the Free Willy song MJ did. Silly, yes, but I like.

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