25 Christmas Things: Days 7 and 8 – Die Hard and “Christmas in Hollis”

I’m still not super sure how weekends will go with this project. In the past two days I was pretty busy and didn’t have some posts banked so today you’ll get a dual post plus an extra bonus one tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

But first it’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens. Though my mom never cooked chicken and collared greens for Christmas, this song is still super fun to listen to. Run DMC is pretty much the only early rap that I like (commence with the throwing of vegetables) and the humor with which they treat the Christmas holiday really works for me. Towards the end of the song there are some horn blasts between verses that ape classic Christmas songs but the record scratches that accompany them show that the two of these guys (plus Jam Master Jay, of course) know what they’re doing when it comes to melding the Christmas spirit with their own holiday experiences.

And that it’s used as one of the two biggest Christmas-y parts of the best non-Christmas-y Christmas movie doesn’t hurt either. Other than the “Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho” declaration that John McClane makes halfway through the film, the only real sign that Die Hard is is Christmas movie is Argyle’s music selection on the way to the Nakatomi Plaza, namely “Christmas in Hollis”. Argyle is the super cool limo driver chauffeuring McClane to his reunion with his estranged wife. There’s a bit of holiday reconciliation stuff that weaves its way into the film but mostly it’s just shooting and some Christmas tunes. And that’s what you want sometimes. Ok, often. Ok, most of the time. “Ho ho ho


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