25 Christmas Things: Day 9 – A Child’s Christmas in Wales

I don’t know how I’ve gone this far in my life without reading or hearing anything by Dylan Thomas. It’s a weird cultural blindspot for me, especially given how popular this particular work is and my affinity for Christmas related things.  But when a user on reddit posted this recording of Thomas reading his prose recollection of Christmases past I knew I had to dedicate the 20 minutes necessary to hearing his reminiscences. They’re lovely, filled with nostalgia and humor and adult sadness at wonder lost. It’s this last part that always gets me about Christmas. Try as hard as we can, nothing stops the inevitable tide of boringness that takes over even the hap-happiest season of all. As a kid we can focus on throwing snowballs at cats or wandering the streets with friends on a late winter night, but as adults we have to get up for work the next morning and snow just means more clean up. So take some time to get lost in that childhood mode again, if only for a little while.

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