25 Christmas Things: Thing 16 – New Girl: Santa

New Girl is a show that everybody should like but very few give it a chance thanks to the “Adorkable” advertising it got early on. Late in its first season it developed into a truly great show with a cast of characters to rival any other show on TV. The second season’s Christmas episode, “Santa”, gets a heck of a lot out of a superb cast. Everybody gets a moment or two to shine, whether it’s Wilson’s nut-induced-deafness or Nick’s amazing confession followed by the best worst lap dance I’ve ever seen. It’s all a part of a jam-packed episode which features the group going to as many holiday parties as they can fit into one night. It ends up at a children’s hospital, of course, and the gang attempts to sing “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” except none of them know the words. It’s a really wonderful episode of a great series.


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