List-mas Time Is Here

This kaiju is excited about 2013 lists.

Happiness and cheer! It’s the end of 2013 and that means it’s time to start making lists of things that I watched and read and listened to in the year that was. Gonna do a few lists for your reading pleasure, though I have no real timetable for completing them (you saw how I got through 16 of the 25 Things of Christmas). Here, now, I’ll just tell you what’s coming up and in what general order you can expect them.

Movie Discoveries of the Year

This is a new-ish list for me this year. Thanks to Letterboxd’s easy to use interface I’ve been keeping rigorous track of all the movies I’ve watched this year. So for the first time I can officially make a list of the best things I watched this year that weren’t made in 2013. You can probably guess what’ll top the list. I’ve watched 64 non-2013 movies this year, but I won’t go into all of them in this upcoming post.

Books Read in 2013

Unlike the movies, I’ll mash together the books I’ve read in 2013 that were released in the year and those that were released earlier. I read 53 books this year though I’ll group a lot of them into series (comics, mostly) so it gets down to a reasonable number. It was a good year for reading.

TV of 2013

While some have declared this particular golden age of television over, I disagree. It was a great year for returning shows and new ones alike. Will Hannibal melt my heart and then pour it over some nice fava beans? Did New Girl continue its streak of excellence? Find out soon-ish!

Music of 2013

This is probably the most hipster-y of my lists. I like what I like in music, and you will see just how narrow that is. But still, fun!

Movies of 2013

So far I have watched 53 movies released in 2013, but that’s nowhere near what I’d like to end up with. I’ve still got to catch up with Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, All is Lost, Leviathan, The Kings of Summer, Captain Phillips, Philomena, Frozen, Blue is the Warmest Color, Blue Jasmine, and like a billion other movies. So I’ll hold off on this list for at least a month. Gotta finish cramming.

Movie Awards of 2013

Why should the professionals have all the fun. I’ll be giving out awards and junk in all the usual categories plus some fun ones. But again, gotta wait so I can see more things.

I think that’ll be enough lists to last you at least a year until it’s time to do it all again for 2014. So stay tuned for countdown fun. I’ll also link to all of the lists on this page if you want to bookmark it or something. That’d be a little weird, though. Well, do what you want, it’s your computer.


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