Top 100 Films List (2013): Breakdown!

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. In thinking about how to present my newest top 100 films list, one that has undergone some serious rejiggering since last I showed one off, I stumbled upon an idea I thought wholly original to myself. It happened in the shower, as these things tend to do, and like a lightning strike I had my format. I would come up with several headlines or ways of grouping what a movie is about and list in order the movies from my full list that fall under that headline. Movies About God(s), Movies About Brothers (and another for Sisters, and Mothers, and Fathers, and Nature, and…), and in this way I’d be able to talk about a bunch of movies several times, for rarely is a movie about only one thing, while also being able to focus on a certain aspect of that movie and not feel like I’d have to encapsulate everything I love about a particular movie in a brief paragraph as I had done before. Of course, it turns out this wasn’t an idea born solely from my head or inspiration from heaven, if such a place exists. No, it turns out that I had seen a version of this on the Filmspotting forum, which I frequent as it is the best place to talk about movies with people who really care. It was actually in the music subforum and Martin Teller (who has a great blog of his own) used a version of it as a way to introduce some great songs that correlated with movies from his own top 100 list. Who would have thought! Anyways, this will be a large undertaking, and I don’t want to reveal my full list in its entire order until I am finished with it for entirely arbitrary reasons. I’ll use this as a kind of hub, as well, so that anybody who might happen to land here without knowing what was going on could get an introduction and links to all of the completed segments. When I’m finished I’ll also link to this page in the Lists section of the header. Cool? Questions? Comments? Concerns? The first post will follow this either sometime today or tomorrow. Be on the lookout!

Entry 1: Movies about God(s)

Entry 2: Movies about Brothers and Sisters

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